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Ian D Montfort

Ian D. Montfort – Spirit Medium

The creation of Tom Binns – the character comedian behind inept hospital DJ Ivan Brackenbury – Ian D Montfort is a psychic from Sunderland, who made his debut at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe.

Tom combines the ‘cold reading’ trickery of stage mediums with comic patter to debunk their techniques. He made the radio series Ian D Montfort is Unbelievable for Radio 2 in 2013.

Featuring in the 2017 BBC1 Comedy Series Hospital People, Ian D Montfort appears alongside other characters including the much beloved hospital radio DJ, Ivan Brackenbury. The latter pair are joined by hospital manager Susan Mitchell and the hospital’s priest and wannabe stand-up comic, Father Kenny. T.

Ian D Montfort’s other credits include films Going To Mecca and more recently, Eaten By Lions.

“Intelligent, magical, fantastically original and funny enough to kill you from asphyxiation”


‘Ian D Montfort is a spookily skillful, wonderfully observed and hysterically funny character who contacts dead celebrities with incredible results. A monster hit at the Edinburgh Fringe’


‘Ian D Montfort, a gloriously deadpan pseudo-psychic. His show – Touching The Dead begins with laughable attempts to work the audience and then Binns starts unleashing faintly inexplicable clairvoyant revelations, leaving most of the room gasping with incredulity. So he can spoof it, and really do it.’


‘Binns makes a triumphant return as the Sunderland psychic Ian D Montfort, mixing eerily good cold-reading skills with a joyful debunking of the genre’


‘…the character remains hilarious, even as the tricks become remarkable. This is two shows for the price of one: pin-sharp character comedy and metaphysical magic to boot.’


‘The style of the act is genius – if it works it’s impressive, if it doesn’t work, well it’s all part of the joke.’


‘The show is a spectacular tour-de-force, showcasing Binns’ exceptional acting and comedic talent.’



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