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Mick Monroe

International comedian pretty much sums up the career of Mick Monroe. Originating from Middlesborough, Mick started out life as a professional drummer at one of the local clubs – working, for many years alongside top vocal and comedy entertainers, and eventually building up his own act, which he finally took to the stage in 1991.

Mick has since entertained most nationalities across the globe, including a number of cruises ships and holiday hotels, but more recently has come into his own working the Armed Forces circuit, alongside Jim Davison, Bobby Davro, and other star names.

Since 2000, Mick has worked inĀ Sierra Leone, The Falklands, Bosnia, Kosovo and Dubai. More locally, he works regularly in cabaret and military functions, as well as television warm-ups, and local radio. Indeed, on a live transmission to British military bases around the globe, Mick was not only heard in the UK, but also in Europe.

One of the few comedians able to handle boxing events, Mick learnt his trade performing at stag shows in the North East and local oil rigs.

He now does the After Dinner Circuit, but can use his background to fall back on if anything gets out of hand.


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