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Johnnie Casson

Johnnie Casson has become a legend amongst comedians the length and breadth of Britain and has found a popularity envied by many bigger name performers.

A unique style of delivery, some clever material and an exceptional warmth, this dynamic and genuinely funny Yorkshireman, with the ‘mixed-up metaphors’, has a very natural asset, ‘like-ability’, illustated within minutes of him commencing his original blend of comedy when smiles and titters soon turn into uncontrollable laughter.

As well as being a popular Cabaret Comedian, the demand for Johnnie’s services as an After Dinner entertainer are quite phenomenal, making him a leading name on the function market.

Proof of his popularity can be found in that wherever he has been booked to entertain demand soon finds him booked to return.

Johnnie is regarded by fellow professionals as one of the best comedians in the business.

From your first encounter with Johnnie Casson, you soon realise he not only tells funny stories, based on his situations in life, he is a genuine funnyman.


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