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Dusty Young

Dusty Young was born in Dublin because he wanted to be near to his Mother. He lives in a small village outside Dublin, the village was so small they only had three policemen but they have doubled that to five. In fact the village was so small, the local hooker was a virgin.

He comes from a very large family of ten and he doesn’t know if his Father was a good catholic or a very sloppy protestant. His Father was a doctor and discovered a cure. There was no disease for it and so he died from the cure.

His brother is the All Ireland indoor hand gliding champion and has just invented a new kind of parachute; it opens on impact. Dusty got a blue at Oxford and if somebody had not nudged his elbow he would have gotten the pink and and black as well.

Once a finalist in the All Ireland Egg & Spoon Race he got disqualified for cheating, he glued the spoon on his hand.

Irish humour is the best in the world and is enjoyed by everybody, including the Irish. It is also a lot funnier when it comes from an Irishman!

He has worked at Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup Final, the League Cup Final and the Rugby League World Cup Final. He also worked at Aintree for the Grand National. He works regularly at Manchester United and has worked at Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Blackburn Rovers FC and Nottingham Forest FC.

Dusty is a very witty and entertaining After Dinner Comedian and much sought after for every type of function.


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