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Chris Britten

Comedians are easy to come by – singers are available by the bucket load, and comperes ten a penny! Finding someone however, capable of mixing top class comedy with vocal talent and the ability to run the evening professionally is a slightly harder task. Chris Britten is that man!

Chris also specialises in Masonic and Rotary work. Being a freemason himself (currently WM at his Lodge) Chris knows exactly what is required for these events. He has done, Ladies Nights, Cabaret & Social Nights and after dinner work both at Provincial as well as Lodge level. He also sings the songs at the social board such as the ‘Masters song’, ‘the entered apprentice song’ and ‘May the Queen live forever’. Chris also does the ‘Ladies songs’ whilst presenting the roses.

As an after dinner comedian, Chris has a superb range of gags to suit all tastes. The normal comedy routine is cheeky, but not blue, however have a quiet word with Chris first and he will do exactly as required. His act consists sports gags and general humour, aimed at an all male or mixed audience

As a singer, Chris possesses a wonderful voice, and will happily run through the musical years as both a cabaret spot and his preferred, dance spot – specialising in the sounds of the 60s – 70s, but not exclusive.

As an MC, Chris has worked with stars from many sporting backgrounds, including Dennis Taylor, Alan Kennedy, Johnny Giles and Tommy Docherty and such notorious celebrities as John McVicar!

He is a great fundraiser, interspersing comedy with the games, auctions and raffles to great effect and is a pleasure to work with.

Chris always carries the latest in sound systems allowing for any unexpected hitch with the house PA!

“Never, in all the occasions I have attended functions at Coxmoor Golf Club, have I witnessed an entertainer enjoying himself so much and an audience so much enjoying themselves. They didn’t want him to stop! His standing ovation at the end of a marathon session was well and truly deserved. His name – Chris Britten”



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