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Aaron James

Aaron James is one of the top mainstream comedians in the UK today.

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Andy Greaves

Andy Greaves is without doubt, one of the most versatile comedy entertainers in the country with over 30 years experience, and as we all know there is no substitute for that.

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Billy Hunter

Billy Hunter is destined to become the next comedy invasion after such greats as Tommy Cooper and Benny Hill. He is just amazingly funny.

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Carl Brent

Cabaret, Comedy, Impressions, Singing.

For many years Carl Brent has been entertaining audiences throughout the UK and abroad with his uniquely captivating comedy style.

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Danny Posthill

Britain’s Got Talent Finalist in 2015, Danny Posthill’s career began at the young age of 16, making people laugh with hilarious impressions at his school talent show.  Since then, comedy has become Danny’s passion.

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Ian D Montfort

Ian D. Montfort – Spirit Medium

The creation of Tom Binns – the character comedian behind inept hospital DJ Ivan Brackenbury – Ian D Montfort is a psychic from Sunderland, who made his debut at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe.

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Ivan Brackenbury

Inept hospital radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury is the creation of Tom Binns, a former breakfast radio host on London’s XFM as well as a comedian in his own right. Read more…


Jay Rawlings

Jay Rawlings blends comedy, magic, balancing and juggling into a unique new variety show, which is as funny as it is clever!

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Jimmy Tamley

As one of the most sought after speciality acts in the country, Jimmy will transform any venue or occasion into a truly memorable event.

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Kevin Connelly

Kevin Connelly has been working as an impressionist for twenty years now and performed alongside Rory Bremner, Alistair McGowan, Jan Ravens and John Culshaw.

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Leslie Gibson

Once you’ve worked your way past his vast repertoire of famous voices, from Coronation Street, to East Enders, to Robert de Niro, to David Beckham, you find a young man with enormous talent.

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Mark Langley

Mark Langley is a new wave of comedian. His dry humour and uncanny impressions make for a real laugh out loud set.

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Mike Maguire

Celebrity Impressionist Mike Maguire has been taking the comedy circuit by storm.

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Paul Dabek

An eclectic mix of jaw-dropping sleight of hand, enchanting illusion and quick-fire comedy, presented with an impish sense of mischief.

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Phil Lowen

Phil Lowen started his career by being chosen to replace Brian Conley in the top comedy showband Tomfoolery.

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Roger DeCourcey

Roger DeCourcey has established himself as one of Britain’s leading ventriloquist/entertainers and two highly successful seasons in Las Vegas plus an engagement at the giant O’Keefe Centre in Toronto, Canada have added an international reputation to his credit.

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Steve Hewlett

2013 Britain’s Got Talent Finalist Steve Hewlett has recently been described in the Stage Newspaper as ‘One of the Sharpest Knives in the Ventriloquist Drawer’.

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Steve Rawlings

Hilarious and original, Steve Rawlings mixture of desperation and downbeat humour steals the show. His balancing a tray of bottles and glasses on his chin, while giving a running commentary on his difficulties is a classic piece of comic business.

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Taffy Spencer

Taffy Spencer is ranked among the top comedy speciality acts and is second to none. He is a high energy performer, who mixes non-stop wit and magic that leaves audiences holding their sides with laughter.

Taffy Spencer is more than just a funny man. He utilizes a blend of clean stand-up comedy with zany visual magic. Taffy assaults the audience’s laugh button in a truly different and refreshing way, making him one of the country’s leading comedy specialty acts.

Taffy Spencer has been an all-round professional entertainer for many years. If you were to liken him to any other performers then Tommy Cooper and Stan Laurel would come to mind, although he definitely has a style of his own.

Taffy is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards, nominated “Best Comedy Specialty Act” by the Club Mirror, – Winner of “Comedy Act of the Year” and also five “Search for a Star” events. These awards opened doors for appearances on the Comedy Club Circuit, National Television and in the busy Corporate marker.

The universal appeal of his original style of comedy has made Taffy Spencer popular on cruise ships and in hotels throughout the world where his act brings tears of laughter to audiences of all tastes.

His record of accomplishments as an exceptional entertainer makes him the perfect choice for your next event.


Terry Joyce

A former front man from a leading comedy showband who is now an excellent impressionist on both the after dinner and cabaret circuit.

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Tom Binns

Tom Binns is the star and co-writer of the BBC 1 Friday Night Comedy Show Hospital People featuring Ian D Montfort as the Hospital Porter and Psychic Healer, along with Hospital Radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury and three additional characters, all played by himself.

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