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Sean Styles

To anyone visiting Liverpool for the first time, evidence of the’ wicked’ sense of humour of the inhabitants of this mort vibrant of citys, is immedietaly evident, the city seems full of people always ready with a witty retort and the ability to make the most of any opportunity that comes their way to demonstrate their natural wit.

There has always been an affinity between sportsmen and entertainers perticularly comedians. The great football clubs of Liverpool and Everton over the years heve been likened to Schools of Science, If that is the case the clubs and theatres of the’ Pool ‘ can surely be classed as the University Campus of Comedy. For sure many comedy greats have graduated with honours from this background.

Some of its most famous graduates such as Ted Ray – Arthur Askey – Jimmy Tarbuck and perheps the greatest of them all the, ‘Don’ of comedy the unique Ken Dodd have over the years, all, become national comedy icons.

On the Corporate and sporting after dinner entertainment sceen, fast earning the right to attend shoulder to shoulder with these greats of comedy and join the list of comedy greats who took their first faltering strokes in the’Pool’ into tha world of comedy, is the vary telented and very, very funny Sean Styles.

It is easy for those who represent them to write glowing testimonials about any entertainer, but at the end of the day it is the endorsement of those who pick up the ‘tab’ which carries the most weight and credibility.

The best testimony to Sean Styles’ talent to make people laugh, and leave them laughing, at all levels of society right across the country, and his ever increasing popularlty, are the events he has appeared at , the companies he has appeared for, and the ‘names’, he has shared the top table with over the pest few years.


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